The ultimate Key Holder

Key Organizer for a bunch of your household or office keys, packs well your keys including common car key and other non-standard thick handle keys.

  • Now available in more colors!
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Carbon Fiber - strong and light

Steel, industry-standard hardware

Carabiner - added versatility

Have your keys under Your control

Have your keys well organized in the neat, streamline package



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Have your keys organized and ready for action

Folded in for a compact and sleek carry, instant swing out for action. Strong, reliable design eliminates keys wobbling and keeps tension without the need for frequent re-tightening

The key to success begins with your keys!

Large, bulky key rings are not just unsightly; they’re also heavy, loud, and germy. Plus, they wreak havoc on the inside of your pants pocket or purse! Luckily, AmazinGizmo has the groundbreaking solution that stores all of your keys quietly together – even that clunky plastic-handled car key!

How? The design of AmazinGizmo’s carbon fiber key holder includes ONE-HANDED OPERATION that allows swift retrieval of any desired key without needing both hands. And thanks to strong materials engineered to folding perfection, your key organizer keeps unused keys tucked away in place and protects from germs and damage.

Say goodbye to uncomfortably stuffing your keys in your pocket, and say hello to AmazinGizmo!

And now, say welcome to the new addition to our AmazinGizmo family of keychain solutions – the Keychain multi-tool set. Convert your keyring or key holder organizer into your pocket toolbox for everyday tasks!

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Keys Management Solution

Keys Management Solution

Keys Management Solution

Key chain Tools – empower your keychain



Key chain Tools – make your keychain all-in-one multi-tool

  • Keyring multi-tool set – screwdrivers, bottle opener, carton box opener, rulers – all in one pocket set

Versatility combined with reliability and convenience


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