Who is behind the AMAZINGIZMO brand ?

We’re a team of highly skilled professionals in various fields of the industry with a total of over 60 years of combined experience developing products and systems in the defense and consumer industries. With that kind of experience and knowledge, we saw no reason not to contribute to the society leveraging our expertise to develop and offer fine, high quality, reliable and affordable products that will make people’s everyday routine a little more comfortable and easy

How do you choose what kind of products to develop and why should I believe these products are indeed useful ?

Developing any new product or technology is a large commitment in terms of financial investment and our time. Hence, we do extensive market research before taking a plunge and evaluate whether our expertise can help to solve people’s problems or at least to offer a better solution to the existing one on the market.
Furthermore, each new product is in active use by members of our team as well as by our families, so that what is good for our customers will be good for us.

How do you ensure quality and efficiency of your products ?

Our developing process is based on the best industry standards and leverages our extensive R&D and production expertise. Each product idea is carefully evaluated for usefulness and efficiency in solving problems it is intended for. Several prototyping stages ensure the most efficient solution to be offered, bounded by the trade-off of affordability without any trade-offs made in reliability.
We have the team of our Beta testing users in place who do a great job of shaping up the products towards production stages.
At the production line, there are several layers of quality control to make sure the least possible probability of faulty products leave the line

Can you mention any particular technical fields of your expertise ?

Sure. Our extensive expertise covers such fields as material engineering, electronics, electro-optics, software, and various fields of mechanical engineering

Do you provide any educational material on your products and tecnhologies they involve ?

Very good question!
We created and constantly update the Resources section found on our website, where we publish articles and materials about the products, the technologies, common know-how that is related to fields of our operation.
Under the Resources section, you will also find product manuals.
You’re welcome to visit this section often to stay updated and fulfill your curiosity

I need a replacement part for my AmazinGizmo product. What to do ?

Please contact us through the email or through Contact Us form available under the Support menu

I have technical question about your products. Where can I learn more ?

We’re always happy to talk to our customers and people who curious about our products. Just drop us an email found under the Contact Us form or use the Contact Us form (found under the Support menu)

How does warranty process work ?

We have our Warranty policy in place (found under the Support menu). In short, the warranty is processed after obtaining an RMA number from us. If you believe your AmazinGizmo product falls under warranty case, please contact us with your Web order number or your full details as were registered when you placed your order.
Please refer to the Warranty Policy for more information about the process

I have a great product or technological idea that I'd like to share with AmazinGizmo brand. How to reach you guys ?

We’re always happy to hear our customers and discuss things and ideas!
Please check the Share Your Idea page under the Community section to communicate your thoughts with us
Please be aware of our Submission Material Policy before sharing your idea or any material related to that

Do you have Bets test team ? Is there way to join ?

Yes, we do have a team of AmazinGizmo Beta testers, our existing customers who are excited about this emerging brand, willing to test new products, discuss new ideas, contribute to the brand’s evolution, and constant improvement.
From time to time we do accept new members to the team, customers who expressed their genuine interest in the brand’s activities, willing to take a part in shaping brand’s vision.
Becoming AmazinGizmo’s Beta tester bears a commitment to invest some of your time in testing new products, report, participating in discussions, and requires signing a Beta Test Agreement which is a sort of Non-Disclosure agreement.
If you’re our customer and feel excited about joining our Beta Test team, we encourage you to reach us out by email or through contact form found under Contact Us in the Support menu.
Please write to us about yourself, your life experience, and why you have the desire to invest some of your valuable time into helping the AmazinGizmo brand