Why learning?

We encourage and support our visitor’s curiosity, human’s natural curiosity is the major drive of the global progress and development of the humanity.
We dedicate this section to an educational material on our products, technologies involved, our research & development facts and other activities that are part of the strong foundation of the AmaiznGizmo brand.
This section updates on frequent basis as we develop and evolve, so you’re welcome to visit often this page for new and exciting material

Why AmazinGizmo?

  • AmazinGizmo brand is built on a strong foundation of the extensive industrial experience and expertise of its founders and key team members
  • We know how to leverage our knowledge to design and build products that head above the competition in reliability, efficiency and robustness
  • We apply state-of-the-art technologies and novel principles to develop products that offer great value and unmatched capabilities
  • We are driven by our customers, offering top-notch customer service

Key organizer? What’s wrong with just plain keyring?

Well, nothing wrong with the ring, a very simple device that serves us probably several hundreds of years…why do we need to invent anything to fix something that ain’t broken?

Well, this is about what we used to hear tens of years ago from our grandpa when the automatic transmission cars began to show up…then later this is what we used to hear from our parents when dishwashers showed up in the stores..but we know how the history has unfolded…

So, now we here..what can be wrong with a bunch of our keys hanging off the keyring? Nothing..except that annoying jingling noise out of our pockets while walking…nothing except worn out and even torn away pockets of our favorite jeans…keys sticking out in every direction

As every big change in our life, it is better to start with a small step, organizing your daily routine can start with an easy step of keeping your keys under your control, well organized with style and convenience. AmazinGizmo Key Organizer is the solution!

Made of high-quality materials, designed by seasoned engineer leveraging years of industry experience, thoroughly tested and field-proven, the AmazinGizmo Key Holder comes to bring your keys under your control. We sincerely believe, what is good for us will bring good value to people around us as well as vice versa, what is good for our customers is good for us. We use our own AmazinGizmo Key Organizer devices to keep our pockets intact and silent. Our families use them as well, on daily basis, after months of extensive testing the AmazinGizmo Key Holder showed up on the market and quickly became a very popular product in its niche.

Yes, there are competing devices on the market, but here is why people choose AmazinGizmo:

  • 100% carbon fiber plates, 2mm thick with integrated stainless-steel threaded nuts – for excellent stiffness and strength
  • Industry-standard steel ISO M4 bolts pairs of various lengths – robust and reliable approach to handle even heavy keys load without compromises
  • Rubber o-rings and spacers along with an ample amount of washers – reliable tension handling with no self-release or need for frequent re-tightening
  • Versatility – ready to hold up to 12 household key, but lost bolts of necessary length or need longer bolts to store a larger amount of your keys? No problem! Just ask your nearest hardware store for standard M4 bolts of your desired length and you’re set!
  • A key ring and carabiner included – excellent value, keep your car remote and other key chain accessories attached
  • Wonderful, gift-quality product box – excellent present to you loved ones and friends, you will be appreciated
  • Style and social – a piece of a conversation,  excellent way to а new acquaintance

In just four words: Reliability, Efficiency, Versatility, and Style – all combined in AmazinGizmo Key Holder-Organizer

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Material science – what is Carbon Fiber ?

What is carbon fiber material ? Where is came from ? What makes it valuable ?

Carbon fiber is just as it sounds – fibers of carbon, multi-layered and stuffed together by resin under high temperature to form a reinforced polymer which is called simply carbon fiber. Originally in its useful form, it has been developed in 60th of 20 century by US scientists and quickly found its way into aerospace industry, military and NASA, thanks to the wonderful properties of its exceptional stiffness and high tensile strength yet with very low weight. And all of that, at small fraction of the weight of metal of comparable strength qualities. However, at that time the manufacturing process was very expensive, so it mostly found its way into the industries where its qualities justified the price.

Years have passed, it took several decades until carbon fiber manufacturing became affordable enough to award the exclusive benefits of its qualities to the automotive industry, but yet mostly expensive sport cars where the ratio of strength/weight is paramount to take the edge…

Few decades later, the technological progress has allowed the price point of the material to get to the point where consumer industry has picked up the advantage and since then we can enjoy this lightweight and sturdy material on daily basis

The core of the AmazinGizmo team has grew up from engineering and science, so research and development is in our DNA. Our capabilities expand into electronics and mechanics, material science and physics, electro-optics and software.

We’re now in the process of developing a novel sophisticated technology that combines optics and electro-optics, electronics and software and all is based on physics. We sincerely believe once developed and proven, it will provide a foundation for a product line that brings wonderful capabilities to the relevant market.

Check here often to see updates on our activities in our Research and Development!

Quality of product or service is one of the major foundation stones of every brand.

We, at AmazinGizmo, apply rigorous quality control procedures at our product lines to assure our customers to encounter the least possible quality-related issues in AmazinGizmo products. We inspect during the production and then final inspection takes place after the production finishes. We apply ANSI ASQ (American Society for Quality) statistical inspection methods and procedures to ensure the least probability of faulty products leaving the production line.

Obviously, in real production world it is impossible to warrant 100% of success in large production batches of any product. Higher product complexity always calls for more complex quality assurance methods and procedure to warrant the least probability of faults. The ANSI ASQ standards are scientifically developed methods that rely on statistics math and probability theory to suggest the most appropriate inspection methods for particular kinds of products and particular production batch sizes, thereby achieving the desired fault probability on chosen production batch size.

Based on the production batch size, the ANSI ASQ standard defines the sample size to be taken for inspection according to the desired level of probability assurance, than the methods defines the maximum percentage of nonconformity at various severity levels upon which the entire batch success rate is judged. The lower the probability of defects is desired – the higher will be sample size and the lower the percentage of nonconformity will be allowed at the higher severity levels. All that sums up to least probability for the final customer to receive defective product, resulting to the higher satisfaction rate among the customers.

We, at AmazinGizmo, apply strict inspection levels as defined by the ANSI ASQ  standard, investing substantially in quality control and constant improvement in our customer satisfaction rate.

But this is not yet the final frontier in our never ending journey pursuing quality. We have our trusted team of AmazinGizmo Beta testers who thoroughly test the new products in real life settings, document any points for improvement and report us any concerns so that we can take measures quickly to remedy any defects or, if necessary, implement design changes.

So, Quality and Professinalism –  Another reason to choose AmazinGizmo products!

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