Our Story

The founder

Who we are

Our story begins with over 20 years of industry experience gained by a small team of engineers, or over 60 years of our combined expertise developing cutting edge technologies and products in consumer and defense industries.
From simple consumer products to very complex defense systems, our team members contributed their knowledge while acquiring extensive and unique expertise in various fields and technologies.
From mechanical engineering to optics, from material science to electronics and electro-optics, we explored new technological horizons in an effort to create breakthrough technologies, products that solve people’s everyday problems as well as cutting-edge systems that US and allied forces are proud to deploy worldwide and rely on

After all these years of dedication and creation, we began to realize there is no better way to contribute to the society than leveraging our knowledge and expertise advantage developing novel products that will help people, help us to tackle common everyday tasks and problems we encounter while solving them in a most efficient yet affordable way.
From the most simple yet efficient gadget to a sophisticated technological product, we know how to do the things for the utmost reliability, robustness, and affordability.

Leveraging our knowledge and experience

Our first product - AmazinGizmo key organizer

How all started

Well, nothing fancy to tell here, but just a simple life story of our founder, Alex, preparing for work one morning, discovered pockets of his favorite jeans being completely ruined. For the most, the only what he used to carry in the pockets was his keychain, it was clearly the root cause of that. Large and quite bulky keychain, with keys protruding to all directions, wearing out the pockets and jingling with every step…annoying, to say the least…
That was the turning point when Alex decided to do something about that. Brief market research figured several existing possible solutions, key organizers. After acquiring a few of them, the major shortcomings these existing devices are suffering from were obvious and his engineering background allowed him to realize quickly how to improve the idea and bring it to the new level of usefulness, reliability, and robustness.
After several trials and failures, adjusting and improving with each new attempt, the AmazinGizmo Key Organizer has been born.
But it was not before several months of everyday use and testing till the device proved itself, to be ready being offered to people who may be looking for a similar solution…and since then the AmazinGizmo key holder has become a popular product in that category
Since then, several skilled engineers and product managers have joined forces creating a core team of highly capable professionals to pave the path of the young emerging brand towards innovation and creation.

Our background

Our background

We trace our background a long time back to our college years acquiring engineering professions in various fields. Our capabilities cover various engineering science aspects such as (but not limited to) mechanical engineering and materials science, electronics and electro-optics as well as software engineering.
We constantly learn and evolve, which is paramount in the dynamic world we live in.