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AmazinGizmo Key Holder Organizer – Black Carbon Fiber

32.00$ 21.47$
  • Material:
    Carbon fiber plates, steel hardware
  • Weight:
    Holder without keys: 0.3-0.7oz (10-20gr), Packed product: 3.9oz (110gr)
  • Length:
    3.74" (9.5cm)

Keep your keys in a neat, streamlined package organized into AmazinGizmo Key Holder Organizer. Solves the annoying problem of the pockets worn out by a messy key ring, silent solution to your jingling pockets while walking. A reliable, durable, and convenient approach to manage your keys.

Ready to accept up to 12 regular household keys or a mixture of household keys and those plastic-covered keys you have of your car or similar.

Properly designed and engineered in the US for the utmost reliability, durability, and convenience, capable of storing a virtually unlimited number of keys (see Detailed Product description and Features tabs on the Detailed Product Page).

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AmazinGizmo Key Holder that keeps your keys Organized in a slim, streamlined package to have the keys under your control. Turns the mess of your keys wearing out your pockets into a manageable solution that keeps your pocket long live, eliminates that annoying keys jingling while walking, and prevents an accident painful experience of your keys in the pocket poking into your flesh.

All that in a reliable, durable, and convenient manner with the added versatility of integration of a virtually unlimited number of keys, mixing regular household keys with those long ones with plastic finger-grip (like car keys) or your key-shaped tools. The added value of our proprietary pocket quick-flip pocket clip your keys will stay attached to your pocket without any wobbling and saving you space in the pocket thanks to the unique flip-in/flip-out feature to fit either shallow or deep pockets.

AmazinGizmo Key Organizer is designed to provide utmost reliability using strong yet very light carbon fiber plates, steel hardware using industry-standard ISO M4 bolts and is supplied with 6 sets of different lengths bolts ready to accept up to 12 household keys or a mixed setup with plastic-covered finger-grip keys. The exceptional durability of the holder construction is further reinforced by the unique versatility of being able to expand your setup to virtually any amount of keys with the extra-long bolts that can be easily picked in your nearest hardware store, just ask for M4-threaded bolts of your necessary length.

The product comes with all the necessary pieces to assemble easily your key holder setup and has detailed instructions, along with video instructions available on this website (or easily found on Youtube). Your car FOB and any other additional keyring devices can be conveniently attached through the supplied key ring and carabiner

The product comes in a beautiful gift-worthy box bringing added value to the present you would probably like to make for your loved ones or friends and the clean and beautiful look of the carbon fiber will attract people around turning it into a piece of conversation

  • 2 Black Carbon Fiber plates of 2mm thick – high rigidity and strength
  • 6 pairs of industry-standard steel M4-threaded bolts of various lengths
  • 2 rubber o-rings + 2 spare (total 4) – to put under bolts head
  • 2 red rubber washers + 2 spare (total 4) – to put on the stainless steel nut
  • An ample amount of spacers to accommodate up to 12 keys
  • Black carabiner
  • Keyring
  • A small flat screwdriver – for instant assembly convenience
  • A detailed assembly manual
  • All packed into beautiful gift-worth product box

Carbon fiber plates – 2mm thick for high strength and rigidity, rich natural carbon fiber surface finish

Steel hardware – contributes to reliability and durability

Industry-standard ISO M4 steel bolt pairs of 6 lengths – ready to accommodate up to 12 household keys or a mixture of household and long plastic finger grip key.

Versatility – if a larger amount of keys needs to get in or lost original bolts – just pick M4 bolts of necessary length at your local hardware shop – great flexibility!

2 rubber o-rings + 2 more for spares – along with other spacers and washers guarantees maintaining tension without the need for frequent re-tightening

An ample amount of spacers and washer – maximum flexibility in your keys configuration

Added-value of additional accessories – a key ring and a carabiner – conveniently attach your car remote and other keychain accessories

This video explains how straightforward is the assembly of your AmazinGizmo Key Holder. Watch it and get an instant idea of the configuration options and an assembly procedure. Click on the image

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